# Postcard

# Column Name: Address

Markeing OS uses specific column names to avoid needing a configuration step.

To use email please make sure your board has a large-text field called Address which contains a full address. For now - we recommend putting "<br> after every line. (We are exploring more elegant alternatives.)

# Configuration

Postcard Configuration looks like this: Email Configuration

# Settings

In the settings, you can choose a send-provider. We support Stanpp (opens new window), or adding custom providers.

# Stanpp

We use Stanpp as our print provider. Enter a API key and their network of printers will handle the physical print & send for you.

# Custom Provider

A Custom Provider lets you use any printer, but is less seamless. With these settings - the printer gets access to an download link which will always contain all the files.

Please contact our team for advice if you have high-volume needs with a custom provider.

# Demo Mode

In demo mode the print provider is set to "none" - meaning preview only. We do this because the physical postcards would not arrive for a few days, and a reviewer might order a lot by accident.