# Your First Campaign

To send your first campaign, go to the marketing view and select records using the checkboxes.

The "Send" option should be enabled once 1 or more record is selected.

# The Send Wizard

# Choose a Channel

Click the "Send" option and this wizard should appear:

The Send Wizard


On smaller screens (e.g. laptops) a scrollbar will appear in the wizard. But it can be easier to zoom out (ctrl - in most browsers)

Choose the channel you would like to send (e.g. SMS).

# Create or Modify Your Message

A list of previously-configured messages will appear.

  • Click an existing message to send it (this takes you to the send-confirmation)
  • Click the "three dot" icon for options to edit, copy, or delete it

Or you can click the big blue " + New" button to create a new message.

# Configuring Your Message

The configuration is slightly different per channel: