# Getting Started

# Installing Marketing OS

Demo Mode

Reviewer-accounts start in demo-mode. Your settings & analytics will be pre-configured & locked - to make reviewing the app easier. read more about demo mode

Use this link to install Marketing OS (opens new window)

After clicking yes to grant permissions, you can verify that Marketing OS is installed by trying to add the "Marketing View" to your board.

# Add The Marketing View

To add the Marketing View to your board, click "Add View", then "Apps" and "MarketingOS Board".

Wait 10s

The first time you add the Marketing View to your board, it might take up to 10 seconds to load.

# The Marketing View

Your Marketing View should look something like this:

The Marketing View

# Add Columns With Specific Names

Marketing OS uses a convention over configuration strategy. In particular we use column names to avoid the need for a mapping step.

You will need to add columns with specific names