MarketingOS for Monday

Complete multi-channel marketing.
Add a "Marketing OS" to the "Work OS"!

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Marketing In Monday

Communication is a big part of every project.
But it doesn't have to be hard.

The Marketing View

Choose some board-items, and hit send.

The Dashboard Widget

Monitor all your campaigns (and split-tests).

Channels. Delivered

MarketingOS replaces stand-alone marketing software.
No more integrations or tool-switching.

Send ultra-personalized messages to each contact by:
Email, SMS, Postcard, and WhatsApp

Target specific adverts to specific people on:

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp,
Messenger, Google Ads, and YouTube

Amazing tests

Remember when this used to be hard?

Built-in testing

Click "run test".

Built-in A:B Testing

Click to add unlimited A:B test versions.

This just got personal

Field-merge any data from your Monday board.
See who clicks with our built-in URL shortner.


Dynamically insert any field from your board.

Built-in URL shortener

Every contact gets their own short-url.

So you can see who has clicked, and we can pick A:B test winners.